Hope For Amanda

Living on Faith, Hope & Love

Mandy Favorites:


Favorite Color:  Orange

Favorite Music:  Laurie Berkner

Favorite Phrases:  Wait a Minute, One More Time, Check it Out

Favorite Snack:  Black Olives and Cheese

Favorite Cartoons:  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Barney, Dora, Blue's Clue, Sesame Street

Personal Characteristics:  Strength, Perseverance and one incredible sense of HUMOR

Who is Amanda?

As I search through pictures to post on the site, I remember Amanda independently walking through museums, standing in a kiddie pool, playing outside in the Summer and doing things that we can't do today.  I wish I would have realized than what I do now, to cherish the very small things in life because everything may change.







  She enjoys hanging out with her Mom!




She really loves music (Dec 07)


                             She loves to Dance



               She loves to play with her Daddy